Monday, June 6, 2016

Update - Manila Major Betting Tips

Manila Major Betting Tips

Welcome back all to another round of Dota tips with me, your friendly neighbourhood Gamblor, Rosinante

The group stages were a mixed bag for us so far, let's look back and see how we got on.

Group A went according to plan with Newbee dominating, a low odds double and group winner selected here, we were off to a nice start. 

Group B, while i did say it was the riskiest to call, I still got this group very wrong. Wings , picked every hero under the sun and at times played with absolute wild abandon but the results just weren’t there coming up against surprising consistency in the form of DC and of Navi looked very good with their 4-0 run. 

In Group C more easy winnings with Liquid topping the group, VGR let us down against Fnatic, VGR not looking up to scratch in either of their first two games but Fnatic definitely impressing with their large Hero Pool and willingness to draft a lil’ unexpectedly securing a nice second place in the group. 

Then there’s Group D, The Heartbreaker, perhaps I shouldn’t have been tempted by the Odd’s on EG but as I said in my stated piece it was big odds for winning two matches, after the first game Vs LGD they just needed one little ol win for a massive 5/2 win for us, unfortunately they never managed that one more game and weren’t hugely impressive in either of their attempts.

Lower Bracket 

Time for the pocket strats and mega rats cause these BO1’s are make or break for these teams;

Wings Vs Complexity
Complexity haven’t managed to win a single game in the group stages, and despite being in one of the tougher groups haven’t shown much promise in their games. Despite the inconsistency of Wings I’m sticking with them for this match up. Wings are 8/15 with PP.

Alliance Vs Mineski
The best of a bad bunch here, Alliance at 1/ 3 look by far the better of the two.

EG Looked to have promise from their first game but the last 3 games have seen some poor individual and team performances. VGR haven’t looked like they’ve really gotten going yet in this tournament. This could be their last chance to show some of the form they’ve shown in china in recent months. Risky either way. I’d avoid this matchup but if you insist maybe look at VGR as better value of the two at 11/10.

Empire Vs Secret
I’ve liked Empires “new” line up for a while and they’ve really come together as a team and shown great performances in a very tough group A and convincingly saw off Complexity to see off bottom spot. Secret Have continued to disappoint, can envy turn it around with one last ditched effort? I don’t think so, Empire at 5/6;

Uper Bracket

Team Liquid Vs MVP
Liquid to hopefully continue their dominance but at 1/ 4 you won’t find much value here.

Newbee Vs DC
Despite how impressed i’ve been with DC so far this tournament I’ll have to pick Newbee here despite being only 1/ 4, Newbee have also dropped to 17/10 Tournament favourites and while i still fancy Liquid for this it’s understandable as it looks like liquid will face the winner of Navi OG, a tougher matchup than Newbee’s Fnatic/LGD prospects should they progress through the upper bracket.

LGD VS Fnatic
For me LGD are a great bet at 4/ 5 here , while Fnatic have certainly impressed They were always gonna get a rough draw as second place in a group, and I would expect them to do well in the lower group I just think LGD should be able to deal with Fnatic and ⅘ is a really good price for that.

Navi Vs OG
Navi are back… But are they back enough to deal with an OG team who've been playing great Dota (if somewhat inconsistently in my opinion) since Frankfurt? I Don’t think so, OG look good at 1/ 2 .

Well that’s all for today folks! Hope you’ve been enjoying the tournament so far and hopefully you’ve had a winner or two as well! 

Good Luck & Happy Hunting 

© Rosinante

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