Saturday, May 27, 2017

Update - My Scribbles

You Up Yet Leo?

In these times of elitist politics and feigned democracy, I often find myself wondering what would the heroes of 1916 think of the Ireland in which we live in today?

Did they truly fight and die for this? Yes, the class rule of British oppression has been abolished, however those seats seemed to be have been filled instead by the self righteous politician. The politician who is out wholly for their own agenda and views the ordinary citizen as insignificant, savage, slow witted and lazy.

Now, perhaps few, except Joan Burton, are so willing to vocalise their true feeling towards the people they're supposed to serve, however, actions speak louder than words.

Let's take, in my opinion, the most scandalous and underhanded political event in recent times, the last general election. Literally, not one single vote that we cast as a nation counted. Let me reiterate that, YOUR VOTE DIDN'T MATTER. Despite the fact that Fine Gael DID NOT gain a majority vote, astoundingly, they retained power and Enda hung on in there. I'm baffled, I was under the impression that Collins, Connolly, De Valera, Clarke, MacDonagh, Pearse, Markievicz, had all fought for a democratic Ireland. I believed that they had fought for equality, for a free Ireland, their aim was to dismantle the class divide, not to merely pass it onto the sanctimonious and out-of-touch politician.

So now, regardless of the fact that the majority of the country DID NOT want FG to lead us, we have come to a point, where two pompous shysters within the party have the audacity to consider themselves for the role as our Taoiseach. Neither of them deserve to lead the Irish, not just based on the fact that their party lost the last election but based on their own personal merits and moral values. Neither has the capacity to understand the needs, goals and fears of the ordinary Irish citizen and neither wants to be named Taoiseach for the sake of the welfare of the Irish people but rather, merely for the superficial title and, more importantly, the expansive pay packet and pension which comes with it.

Two in the same, Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich, who will it be? On one hand, we have Varadkar and on the other, Coveney and sometimes, I can't tell them apart; Each resonate with a stagnant stench of arrogance and both fail to recognise the rights, priorities and requirements of the man who isn't raking in €100K + a year.


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