Sunday, May 1, 2016

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When I Grow up I Want to be               

For anybody who struggles to find peace and purpose in their life, this book offers advise and practical solutions  to live a fulfilling life.

This is a short ebook that I've put together where I discuss some practical measures to bring fulfillment and pleasure to  your life. It is based on the experiences of my own dreary life, that has brought me to the precipice on many occasions. I was once completely lost and utterly hopeless, however by doing some serious and honest exploring and research, my attitude and approach to life changed. By melding a few new habits into my daily 9-5 in retail, I have claimed a peaceful and worthwhile existence.


Have you found yourself in a place in your life where you simply don't want to be? Do you struggle to get yourself out of bed in the morning? Do you fail to see any hope of salvation in your future? Do worrisome anxieties and stresses seep into every part of your life? Are you stuck in a dead-end, low paying job? Can you remember the last time you were truly content, fulfilled and hopeful? If this strikes a cord with you, I urge you to read on. There is hope, there is happiness, there is liberation waiting for you, you just need to find it.

I don't claim to have all the answers and I don't claim any miracles. If you are looking for a quick fix, you're looking in the wrong place. What I do promise is a sense of fulfillment, joy and purpose but it will require some effort on your part. Simply reading through this book is not enough. These pages are intended as a guide. They will ask some poignant questions but offer practical advice on how to bring pleasure and contentment to your life. 

True change will come from your want and desire to change. You will need to practice patience, bravery and complete honesty with youself but once you do, you will be freed from the despairing and stressful. 

This book is intended to reach anybody who has become apathetic, lost or depressed with the drudgery of life. For anybody who has lost hope, meaning, self-belief and confidence. For anybody who is on the precipice and cannot see a way out. For those who haul themselves to their mundane 9-5 job, hating every moment. For those who want more, for those who have been treated unfairly by life. 

The information contained in this book is based on my own personal experiences, research and inspiration from fellow authors. Even if my methods don't work for you, I hope it will at least inspire you to make changes of your own. Before living my life with this new outlook, I suffered with anxiety and depression. Acts of self harm and thoughts of suicide were a frequent. Now however, though I am still working my thankless job and on the surface I'm still in the same place, my outlook on life has changed dramatically for the better and yours can too...

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