Saturday, May 7, 2016

Update - My Scribbles

Once again, you have arrived, full of zealous to engage in my wonderings. I won’t keep you too long this time; short and sweet, I promise. I appreciate your interest in the nattering of a broken man; it is very kind of you. Please make yourself comfortable and join me, as we dive once again, into my wonderings.

It's a Dog's Life 

It says a lot about the morals and values of society when an eleven grand reward is offered up for information regarding a tortured dog. It makes me think that priorities are somewhat askew here.

From one animal lover to another; it makes me sick to my stomach to think that somebody would be so twisted as to slit the throat of a family pet, however on the same weekend as this horrific incident; a man in his seventies was pulled from a car and beaten to within an inch of his life; his attacker got into a serious fit of road rage. Not many people had heard about this; never mind mustering the enthusiasm to catch the sick son of a bitch who flogged this poor man.

Let’s talk frankly about rape for a second; time and time again in this country women are forced to recount a horrific, violent attack in a courtroom. They are forced to come eye to eye with their attacker, wave their right anonymity, and for what? So their offender will get a five to seven year sentence, with two of those suspended? I didn’t see anybody offering up eleven grand for Elaine O’Hara or Rachael O’ Reilly’s killers.

It seems to me that we value the life of a tortured animal over the life of a violently violated woman or a beaten man. We seek justice and accountability for the poor little dog, where we seek, well nothing really, for the abused women and pulverised men.

I recognise the fact that the really sadistic psychos start off by torturing and killing animals; as such we should be taking this incident seriously. However is 11K not excessive? It is great that we are all outraged for this poor misfortunate dog but should we not start with more pressing crimes such as rape, murder, armed robbery, and work our way up to the eleven grand for animal mutilation? Should we not feel the same outrage and disgust for the poor seventy year old who was flayed to a pulp or for the thousands of women that have been raped and abused?

Personally, I’d rather priorities human life over that of an animal. I don’t for one second condone any form of cruelty towards animals but given a gun to my head, I would choose the life of a loved one over my beloved dog; I think it’s high time we take our heads from our arses and cop the fuck on. As much as torturing an animal sickens me, it repulses me as much, seeing so little care displayed for tortured people; seriously guys? Eleven thousand?

That’s it from me for now; try not to remain too disheartened, I will return just as soon as something else pisses me off to no end. Until then my friends, I bid you adieu.

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